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Choose Where to Send Tickets

Determine who receives the email when a ticket is submitted based on each category you create.

Integrate with your existing ticketing systems such as JIRA or Service Now to consolidate all of your tickets in one place:

  • Enter the service email address in the "Ticket recipient(s)" field

  • The recipient receives an email detailing the problem

Send to an individual or department:

  • When you start typing a name in the "Ticket recipient(s)" field it will suggest matching people from your Kadence Directory. You can either click on the suggestion or add the email address of a person or department that isn't in your Kadence Directory

  • You can add the name of the recipient if they are not part of the Kadence Directory

    • You can add multiple people / departments as recipients

  • Click "Add Recipient

When you have added all of the information click "Add"