[Outlook] Booking restricted Outlook rooms in Kadence
Which IP addresses does Kadence use?
Canceling bookings on behalf of others
[Directory Sync] Can directory sync pull employee profile pictures?
Can I add a desk to a neighborhood if it already belongs to a different neighborhood?
Can I assign desks to employees?
Can I assign multiple team managers to the same team?
Can I control employee email/push notifications to ensure they receive check-in reminders?
Can I make a desk unbookable by all employees?
[Outlook] Can select delegates accept or decline meetings on behalf of meeting rooms?
How do I enable full visibility for my staff so they can see where and when everyone has booked?
How do I approve or reject documents uploaded by my employees?
How do I restrict neighborhoods to teams?
How do I view only my own bookings as an admin/team manager?
[Directory Sync] How long will it take to sync my directory to Kadence?
How can I let employees know I have to cancel their booking(s)?
[Directory Sync] How do I manage which groups are synced to Kadence from my directory?
How can I expand and restrict booking visibility for my employees?
How can I make a space available if an employee does not show up for their booking?
How long will it take to get the email with the link for my requested CSV file?
How do I enable incognito mode for a user?
[MS Teams] How to add Kadence add-in into MS Teams for all users
How do I grant certain teams booking priority over other teams to book spaces?
Is it possible to only sync specific groups/users to Kadence with directory sync?
What does incognito mode do?
What is onsite capacity?
Will adjusting neighborhoods cause issues with existing bookings?

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